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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ related to Obstetrics & Gynecology

1. Doctor do u perform deliveries in your centre

Yes , we do and we have been doing the same from the last 35 years

2. Doctor do you perform Medical termination of pregnancy

Yes we at MANNA CLINIC & MATERNITY HOME & EYES CARE perform MTPs regularly as we are a registered Centre under Delhi administration and directorate general of health services , which comes under the Ministry of health & family welfare.

3. Doctor do you have a operation theater

Yes we have 2 dedicated operation theaters for obstetrics & gynecology & a separate operation theater for eye services also

4. Doctor Is there sterilization facility available

Yes we perform both male and female sterilization , for your family planning

5. Doctor I am an aged female , and have irregular periods , can i get my uterus removal surgery at your Centre

Yes the surgery is named as Hysterectomy & we do it regularly

6. Doctor what are your charges for the surgeries

Surgical charges vary from case to case so its best to meet consult & discuss about options available and related estimates.

7. Doctor do you treat infertility

Yes we manage infertility , a battery of tests are required in which the husband and wife both have to get some tests done & accordingly treatment is provided for the same

8. Doctor do you have an ultrasound facility

Yes at manna clinic & maternity home & eyes care we have a ultrasound facility also, 

9. Doctor do you have Facility of painless delivery & Caesarean section ?

Yes we perform painless deliveries & Caesarean sections, where utmost care is taken that in Caesarean sections the surgical scar is cosmetically placed on your waist in a way that it is not visible on your abdomen

10. Doctor do you have facility for other surgical procedures

Yes we have on call doctors who are surgeons.

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