Important:Dr Manish Malhotra (Consultant Ophthalmology ) shall not be available on 25December 2017. Please do not schedule appointments during that time. Can take appointments from Tuesday 5.30pm
Comprehensive Eye Check Up

Comprehensive Eye Check Up

Comprehensive Eye Examination at Manna Clinic & Maternity Home & Eyes Care : As the name suggests, it is a complete eye examination on your first visit , the examination includes the following.

  • Visual acuity check
  • Refraction
  • Intra ocular pressure
  • Slit lamp examination
  • Dilated fundus examination using a Indirect ophthalmoscope
  • The above examination is your first hand screening, and with the help of this we are able to conclude that do you have any eye disease or not. The total time of examination takes about 40 minutes , excluding the waiting time (Caution- A dilated examination causes blurring of visison specifically for near , so its best to bring one attendant along who can drive you back, the blurring of vision remains for about 5-6 hours & is more so for near in adults )
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