Important:Dr Manish Malhotra (Consultant Ophthalmology ) shall not be available on 25December 2017. Please do not schedule appointments during that time. Can take appointments from Tuesday 5.30pm
Dr Basant Malhotra

Dr Mrs Basant Malhotra, after her graduation in the field of medicine from the most renowned The Lady Harding Medical College, did her residency in the field of obstetrics and gynecology , after that she opened the clinic by the name of Manna Clinic & Maternity Home , in the year 1975 which today is known by the name of Manna Clinic & Maternity Home & Eyes Care. In the last almost 4 decades of her practice she has not only gained a name in the field of obstetrics and gynecology, but has also gained a name in the general pediatric practice which has been her subject of interest also. She has faith of so many that her patients have become her real strengths. The name itself Manna Clinic speaks , in the area of Rani Bagh, who knew that she would be known by her nick name more Dr Manna. With providing treatments for infertility, doing painless deliveries, with the facility of caesarian section she has created a team of pioneers in all these years. A shear hard worker and her truthful simple, humble & compassionate attitude towards her profession has brought her to this level. She has been the builder of a name Manna Clinic , under whose roof her son has joined hands in the field of ophthalmology and trying to serve the human race on the same values as of his mother.

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