Important:Dr Manish Malhotra (Consultant Ophthalmology ) shall not be available on 25December 2017. Please do not schedule appointments during that time. Can take appointments from Tuesday 5.30pm

Providing Excellence in Women Healthcare since 1975

Our goal is to provide superior medical care for women of all ages. The division is skilled in general obstetrics, obstetric procedures and management of high risk pregnancy. Our patients range in age from adolescence to the mature woman and we are comfortable caring for individuals from adolescence and through menopause. Our obstetrical setup enables us to use state-of-the-art equipment and apply modern technology. Our faculty members offer a wide range of services to our patients, including laparoscopic tubal ligations as well.

We offer consultations and further management to patients with high risk obstetrical problems. We also provide pre-pregnancy counseling for patients with systemic medical problems, complicated obstetrical histories or who just want up-to-date information prior to attempting a pregnancy. We provide ongoing prenatal care for patients who are high risk. Patients who develop high risk problems during pregnancy, patients who have a fetal anomaly and any patients in whom the need for tertiary care is anticipated may be transferred to us during pregnancy. We offer ultrasound facility which is part of ante partum period at the hospital.

All of our obstetric and the majority of our surgical procedures are performed at Manna Clinic & Maternity Home & Eyes Care. Our faculty members offer a wide range of services to our patients, including the latest in laparoscopic tubal ligations as well.

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